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Here are several fields of application for our products:

TFP 180 kw 18,5  B5 with AC Brake 500Nm

TF80 with double brake and gearbox (double brake and gearbox setup is available on all sizes)

TN 80 4p kW 1,1 B3S with INVERTER

TF 200 4p kW30 B5 with Double Shaft and AC Brake

TN132M 4p kW 7,5 B5 with Three Phase Ventilation, Incremental Encoder cabled with connector


TN225 6p kW30 with encoder

TFP 200 4p kW 30 B3

Immediate delivery


TN180 4p kW22 B5 con albero speciale

Three Phase Electric Motor with Special Shaft

TN100 2p kW4 B3 B5 with control switch

Three Phase Electric Motor B3 B5 with control switch


TN160 4p kW 11 cast iron B5 flange and special shaft for mixer

Three-phase electric motor with cast iron B5 flange and special shaft according to customer's specifications. Double row ball bearings.



MOTORIZED DRUM 135 kW 0,37 0,40 m/s


Electric Brake Motor size 160 - 4 poles- 15 kW with rain cover




 MN71 4p kW 0,37 with special flange and shaft

Single-phase electric motor with special flange and shaft. Please contact us for any customization.


TF100 4p kW3 DC brake with three-phase forced ventilation

Electric brake motor with DC brake and three-phase forced ventilation


TFP 160 4p kW15 CA Brake FP Series

This motor is equipped with an electromagnetic springs brake, it works with AC and the disc brake has double braking surface. This motor has been projected to achieve the highest release and braking precision, the maximum braking frequency and high starting frequency.

TF 200 4p kW 22 B5 AC Brake Additional Ventilation with encoder


 TN 200 4 poli 30 kW B5 with rain cover


  • Machine tools (chip evacuators)
  • Machines for the canning industry
  • Conveyors in general (airports, supermarkets, etc.)
  • Machines for processing hides
  • Machines for working wood
  • Metallurgic industry
  • Industrial doors opening
    • Manual-start brake motors for remote starting for industrial roller shutter doors: TFS 71, TFS 80, TFP 71, TFP 80.
      This is a very useful device in case of power failure; it enables remote brake activation and manual rotation of the motor shaft, in addition, it is possible to install a safety system to disconnect power in order to avoid accidental restarting. It is possible to automatically reactivate power connection and to restore the motor normal functions by pulling out the lever.


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