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Motorised drums

Power supply Power
RM 72 three-phase/single phase 0.05 0.08 - 0.52 312 - 612 72
RM 80 three-phase/single phase 0.05 0.08 - 0.52 312 - 612 72
RM 113 three-phase/single phase 0.06 - 0.16 0.1 - 1.03 312 - 1112 113.3
RM 135 three-phase/single phase 0.25 - 0.55 0.2 - 1.25 350 - 950 138.5


MT drummotors fully meet the requirements of belt conveying systems, representing, in both standard and customized configurations, the ideal solution for reliable and extremely competitive power drives.
Following are MT drummotors outstanding features and benefits:

Compact design
All the components enclosed within the aluminium cylinder (usually called drumshell) allow to reduce considerably the dimensions and the weight of the drummotor compared to the conventional power drives consisting of separate exposed elements.
The drumshell, usually crowned to ensure central belt tracking, is closed by end flanges incorporating oil-sealed precision bearings and rotates on an axis that can be simple or double.
Easy to install, its hermetic sealing prevents any lubricant leak. The protection degree provided for the drummotor allows the operation even in dusty or humid environments without affecting any of the internal components.

Increased safety
All moving elements are totally enclosed within the drumshell, so that the only rotating parts are the drumshell and the end flanges.

Life-long designed lubrication eliminates all problems and costs related to maintenance.

Noiseless operation
The selected components and the accurate finishing of the gears make the drummotors extremely noiseless and therefore ideal for use in environments where the main requirement is a low noise level.

The careful dimensioning of the units, together with the choice of the materials employed (aluminium drum, ground steel gears) give MT drummotors an excellent robustness while providing guarantee of a long durability.

High performances
The accurate gear finishing and the type of lubricant employed allow to achieve very high performances.

Electric motor
The electric motor is developped and dimensioned in order to provide high performances while keeping low operating temperatures.
The squirrel-cage rotor is made of rolled steel lathed according to very strict tolerances, and is designed to give a starting torque of 200%.
The winding contains a thermal protection having its terminals inside the supply cable, so as protect the motor from overheating.

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